• Less time per question on the ACT compared to the SAT

  • More advanced and difficult math on the ACT, while SAT math requires good reading comprehension

  • More advanced and difficult reading passages on the SAT (think 11th grade level SAT vs 9th grade level ACT), but more time to read through them as compared to the ACT

  • ACT has a science section; the SAT doesn't

  • Math on the ACT is worth 25% of the total score, while math on the SAT is worth 50% of the total score

  • ACT is more "straightforward" than the SAT, but that doesn't make it easier to score well on

  • 50 minutes for SAT essay (analysis of a provided article) vs. 40 minutes for ACT essay (giving your own opinion about an issue)

During the first lesson I analyze the student's test-taking strengths and weaknesses, and try to determine which test the student should prepare for.