I began teaching chess when I was in 5th grade, and have since taught chess to hundreds of students. I am a USCF National Master (NM). I haven't participated in any in-person tournaments since I achieved a rating of 2200 and became a National Master in 2017, and if or when I resume FIDE rated competitions I would expect my rating to quickly jump to 2300 and receive a FIDE Master (FM) title, given that I continue to play thousands of chess games online each year and regularly beat FIDE Masters and International Masters in online games. highest bullet rating: 2519 highest blitz rating: 2502 highest rapid rating: 2505

From 2017 until 2018 I taught classes for Chess Wizards in the Seattle area.

Chess lessons usually consist of analyzing the student's games, discussing various aspects of the game (openings, endgames, studying historical chess games), homework after each lesson, and so forth. I can also play chess games with a student, followed by analysis of those games.

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